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Curious about the Dragonfly???

Curious about the Dragonfly???

By now, you will have encountered many representations of the dragonfly in your day to day activity at Alta Care Resources. Some of you may have seen a dragonfly image on the website or you may have seen the dragonfly paintings in and around the office. What you may not have known is that the Dragonfly Program’s four group homes are each named after a different type of dragonfly; Amberwing, Firedrake, Meadowhawk and Shadowdragon. The dragonfly symbol is very important to Alta Care Resources as we believe it best symbolizes a human being’s potential for activating resilience and generating transformation.

Alta Care Resources’ symbol of the Dragonfly represents the powerful force of transformation and deep, enduring change. It also symbolizes the three stages of resilience; survive, thrive and come alive. Imbedded in the symbol are the resiliency teachings of; connectedness, optimism, hope, meaning, purpose and empowerment. The dragonfly symbol also embodies our agency mission;

Alta Care Resources serves children, youth and
families in a manner that builds from resiliencies,
strengthens capacities, empowers change and
transforms adversity

According to many culture’s teachings the dragonfly exemplifies the three realms of existence; born on water, it moves to land and then ends it life as an airborne creature. The dragonfly has over 5000 species and is one of the most ancient creatures on earth being over 300 million years old. There are many meanings that can be derived from several cultures world-wide and some of these meanings are as follows

  • The dragonfly’s relatively short life span as a flyer represents living in the moment and being mindful about each moment we have as being special
  • The dragonfly’s habitat is found around water and to the desert dwelling Navaho it represented good fortune as it was a sign that water was close by
  • Fishermen have also seen the dragonfly as a good omen as it was said to be an indicator of where the fish were to be found
  • The dragonfly is also seen as a traveler between dimensions and revered as a messenger of life transformation and understanding one’s dreams
  • A dragonfly that lands on you also represents good fortune according to some traditions
  • The Japanese revere the dragonfly and embrace it’s presence as a symbol of joy
  • In some native American legends dragonfly is a symbol of resurrection and renewal after hardships
  • The dragonfly according to traditional stories is also seen as sign of seeing through illusions or beliefs that prevent one from dreaming big and achieving success
Aside from all of these amazing capacities of the dragonfly the one that perhaps is most amazing to anyone who has spent a summer in Edmonton, is that the dragonfly eats 30 times its weight in mosquitos each day!!! I’m not sure how this applies to our mission but I think there has got to be connection there somewhere!!!

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