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The act of writing is a dichotomy of the senses.  One sense is to be mindful and present to each and every word, while the other side of the equation is about the glorious risk-taking journey that is the essence of creativity.  Some how both masters are served in the writing process, which in my mind, speaks to the beauty of expression through the written word.  An expressive privilege, articulated in the age-old wisdom about the pen being mightier than the sword, expressive privilege exemplifying the freedoms of an open society.  Privilege of free expression is a right amplified and accelerated within cyber-bytes of information that wander through the ether waiting to be translated into coherence.  I am left with the thought of how such an information rich soil yields so little wisdom. 
Today’s conversation is about the reflective process and how we engage these moments of mindfulness in the moments of living.  Recently, a friend of mine shared with me a study that interviewed people who were well into their eighth decade of living on this planet.  They were asked an open-ended question about if they were given the opportunity to go back in time and change a part of their life what would they change.  My friend went on to tell me that the majority of their answers could be summed up by this statement they would have taken more time along the way to reflect. My question to you is how much time do you take in each day to be mindful and reflective?  Further, how do you take this expressive opportunity beyond inputs to the realm of insight?  In a world that inundates us with the streaming multi-media of cyber-consciousness, how do you distill bytes of information into pearls of wisdom??  
I wonder if, sometime in the future, the 21st century will only be defined by the qualities of instant access and painless convenience.  In a world that values real time access to everyone, instantaneous communication and rights before responsibilities there are significant challenges to the quiet space.  The quiet space where self-discipline is strengthened, discernment is nurtured and our capacity to self-regulate is tested.  Ultimately the quiet space is where an ocean of information is distilled into a raindrop of wisdom.  What is the power of a raindrop?  Just ask those who have seen flowers growing in the desert! 

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