Transforming our community one family at a time.

The Family Resiliency Project provides


 Alta Care Resources is providing in-home support services, including Therapeutic Youth Work, Family Support and Family Aide within Region 6 Child and Family Services Authority.
Therapeutic Youth Worker supports a child/youth through transitional
changes and problem solving situations to build skills for their future.
A Family Support Worker works with family members in addressing core protection issues focusing on the preservation of the family. A Family Aide works directly with the caregivers to facilitate parenting skill development and connections with resources.

Program Intake

Families are referred to the programs through region 6 Edmonton and area Child and Family Services Authority

Program Objectives

To provide interventions that encourage self determination, independent functioning and safety.
To develop collaborative and meaningful goals through effective assessment and evaluation.
To enhance a family’s or individual’s ability to reach goals through coaching, accountability and self awareness.
To increase knowledge and connection of natural supports, resources and sense of community

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The Dragonfly Program

The Dragonfly Program is a residential group care program emphasizing; self –awareness, understanding of escalation triggers and coping skills that will provide clients with enhanced anger management and communication abilities. It is a short term, strength based program that supports clients to develop new skills along with greater effectiveness in conflict situations. Through programming such as Resiliency and Optimism Competencies (ROC), Peaceful Practices and life skills groups, clients develop the appropriate skills to successfully succeed in the community as well as, subsequent placements

Program Intake

The Dragonfly Program accepts male and female children and youth between the ages of 8 and 18. They must be eligible for services under the Child Youth and Families Enhancement Act. These services occur in a home-like environment that has additional structure and supports to address the clients needs.

Program Objectives

To encourage belonging and a sense of community.
To access resources and activities that meets the emotional, developmental, clinical and social needs of the individual.
To provide and celebrate developmental milestones and experiences. To identify and decrease harmful impulses or patterns.


Relationship engagement with children and youth through positive role-modeling and relational mentoring.

Key Mentoring enabling children and youth to effectively attain mutually determined goals

Reunification with the family when appropriate.

Identification of resiliency assets and capacities to support growth within
the children and youth served.

Promotion of healthy life style choices and positive decision making.

Encourage child/youth to discover their own identity.

Liaison between the child/youth, family, professionals, schools and community.


3R's Program
Vision for 3R’s Program

The 3R’s Program has a 12 year history of early intervention within the west Edmonton community and has been a catalyst in the support and development of needed resources. The program started as a school based resiliency enhancing program for at-risk students, and has expanded into a capacity building catalyst for early year’s services and programs. Currently, the program is undergoing a redesign to bring it into alignment with important initiatives such as; the Early Intervention and Prevention Framework, the future direction of OBSD, and the Community Based Service Delivery Model. This redesign will also include a new worker as our previous worker Maria Montgomery has moved into a Supervisory role within Alta Care Resources. This vision process is intended to heighten our awareness about the importance of a solid transition and to guide an excellent, coherent and aligned service design. A significant amount of energy has gone into the development of solid outcomes with the desire to strengthen program coherence and effectiveness.

Program History and Overview
The 3R’s Program has been around since 2001 having started in Thorncliffe Elementary School. The original 3R’s enhanced a previous program that was an after-school recreational hour which ran two times a week. The school was experiencing an inordinate amount of social challenges and the Principal at that time Ron Spence, approached Allen Balser, the Executive Director of Alta Care Resources to see if there could be early intervention and intervention services allocated to the school.

The 3R’s Program was based upon a perspective that sought to mitigate risks, and build from a student’s resilience. The program eventually grew to include Britannia Jr. High School and followed several at-risk students from elementary school into the tumultuous middle school environment. The program’s success came from the 3R’s worker’s relational support as they followed the student during the transition. With a change of principals came another change to the program and Hillcrest Jr. High School hosted the program. Another year later and another principal change led to a new elementary school partner Lymburn Elementary School where the program now fully resides. Once again, a Principal change at Hillcrest left the program without a second partner which led to Alta Care Resources partnering with Jasper Place Family Resource Centre’s Parent Link program.

The current 3R’s Program has three partners (Jasper Place Family Resource Centre’s Parent Link program, Edmonton and area Children’s Services Early Intervention and United Way’s Early Years Continuum) who collectively provide the program with funding for a position which Alta Care Resources’ supervises, trains and supports. Additionally, Alta Care Resources provides leadership support to the many west Edmonton early intervention initiatives, along with providing administrative and outcome support to the program.

3R’s Core Service Values

  • We believe that the greatest strength in change comes from each child, youth, and family’s natural supports, culture, and resources
  • There are assets of, and capacities for, resilience in community and family
  • Resources and relationship enhance resiliency
  • Resources are most effective when they are provided close to the communities in which families live and are delivered in a timely manner
  • Relationships are most effective when they are open, authentic, curious and professional
  • Provision of client-centered services will reflect collaborative and shared practices
  • Shared practice learning

3R’s Alignment with Emerging Initiatives
  • To be guided by the principles of the emerging Children’s Charter
  • To be aligned with the Social Policy Framework
  • To be inclusive of the Poverty Reduction Strategies
  • To be aligned with the Early Intervention and Prevention Framework
  • To be aligned with the future direction of OBSD
  • To be aligned with the Community Based Service Delivery Model
  • To be driven by current CFSA data

What the Children’s Services Data Reveals (2011-12 Intakes, Assessments and Open Files)
  • The 3R’s Program is well situated in the Callingwood, Lymburn & Ormsby Communities (CLOC)
  • There are communities bordering CLOC that could benefit from a redesigned 3R’s Program
  • There are significant Family Enhancement and Child Protection files opened in the Callingwood/Lymburn Ormsby and the Hamptons communities

A Redesigned 3R’s Program
The 3R’s program is redesigned to be inclusive of the west Edmonton CFSA’s community-based service delivery model and ready to address/support of current data trends regarding intakes, assessment and file opening. This re-design builds from current CLOC data and proposes a piloted process which would have the 3R’s worker bridging connections for families and the CFS Workers.
The main base for the 3R’s worker will be the Jasper Place Family Resources Centre-West Edmonton Parent Link with local hubs such as schools and the Lois Hole Library as satellite branches. The previous 3R’s Worker will be allocated time to support the new 3R’s worker to build from current strengths, capacities and relationships within the Callingwood, Lymburn, Ormsby communities (CLOC)
The 3R’s Program will build capacity in the development of community connecting hubs. These will be developed building from previous CLOC relationships and then leveraged into other key areas in the communities surrounding CLOC (such as the Hamptons)
Once the OBSD Lead Agency process is implemented, the 3R’s Worker will be assigned to a team within identified west Edmonton communities. Their role will be to support workers as they access resources for the families they serve and to provide earlier intervention and post intervention supports for families
The final part will be two or three, 3R’s Resiliency Animators assigned to build resources in the identified high need west Edmonton communities of Callingwood, Lymburn and Ormsby, Britannia Youngstown and Inglewood. (This is assuming that all of these identified communities align with the CFSA area served)

3R’s Program Objectives and Activities
A safe, cohesive community where children learn to grow and thrive
  • Explore and incubate, new resources, networks and “hubs of community connection”
  • Support alignment with local agencies and community groups around shared priorities, sustainable commitments and effective resource provision
  • Facilitate the exchange of information related to local, networks, resources and assets
  • Support the mapping of community assets
Child and Family Services and contracted agencies proactively engaging and resourcing hard to reach, at-risk families and their child(ren)
  • Examine client needs and deploy community-based resources in a timely manner
  • Facilitate CFSW’s connection with isolated, harder to reach families
  • Support the concurrent planning process ensuring community resource “fit” and access
  • Transition families to less intensive resources, in a manner that builds from successes
  • Explore post-intervention services and support for families and build this capacity
Early Years awareness and capacity in the community
  • Bring early years organizations and constituents together to collaboratively bridge gaps in early years services
  • Enhance community knowledge of resources that support early years wellness
  • Expand parental knowledge of children’s developmental milestones
  • Use current data (e.g. EDI) to enhance early years awareness and buy-in from multiple stakeholders

3R’s Program Outcomes
  • Identified communities have knowledge of community resources that support early years wellness and be using them as they are required
  • Identified communities have knowledge of normative child development and developmental milestones
  • At-risk and isolated families are using resources as they are required
  • Parents and children involved in programs, events and services feel supported as they access and participate in these resources
  • Identified communities are safe and cohesive
  • Identified communities involved and engaged in local solutions to children’s needs

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